Welcome to Ripplespillers. Why not stop a while at our oasis and refresh your soul. We’re glad you’re here.

Ripplespillers is for you if:

  • you’re tired at life’s constant chipping away at your spirit
  • you’re maxed-out in the daily tumult of everyday life
  • you want an antidote for all the negative, heart-rending news on the world stage
  • you seek nourishment for your spirit and hope for your heart
  • you want to connect with Ripplespillers the world over – or simply want to tune in from time to time for an inspiring ‘top-up’
  • you want to live on purpose, pay attention and cultivate your own authentic life
  • you want to encounter God more as you travel through your day


  • Head over to the Manifesto page to read more about the vision behind the site.
  • Then check out the Changing Room for the blog.