Towards a Resurrection Life – week 4 check-in

change Dyer quoteIt’s time for another check-in. Where do these weeks disappear to, I wonder? It hardly seems like five minutes since I was doing this last week…

So, this week, we’ve been looking at how discontent can rob us of our peace, sabotage can rob us of our commitment, and how we can miss those fleeting moments of hope and joy if we’re distracted by the negative chatter that goes on, unbidden and unwelcome, in our heads moment by moment.

So what have I learned? How am I changing things? What deliberate actions and reactions am I practicing regularly so that they become good, strong habits in the weeks ahead?

  1. I’m changing my focus from the things that make me mad to the things that make me glad! By concentrating on the good gifts, the blessings, the abundance that already exists in my days, I’m turning my face away from the frustrations, distractions and negativity that drain my peace and deflate my heart.
  2. And I’m scheduling regular time for thanksgiving, praise, singing and dancing (shh, don’t tell anyone; my dancing is strictly for my eyes only! – did I mention that self-consciousness is not something I’ve managed to eradicate entirely from my life yet?) – all of which lift the spirit from despondency to celebration!
  3. I’m also making small changes to my daily routines: freshening them up, shaving some time off them by being more organised. I’ve visited areas of my wardrobe I haven’t seen in ages! Clearing out doesn’t always mean throwing away. I’m now wearing things I’d forgotten I owned. I’ve still not tackled the handbag situation yet, though. I suspect there’s an underlying reason for my hesitation, and the time is coming when it will need to be exposed and dealt with. And that time is near. It’s on my list.
  4. I’m seeing small victories in the sabotage stakes, but I still find myself becoming demotivated through comparing myself with others and procrastinating away huge swathes of time. However, all is not lost! Far from it! I’ve started being much more intentional when online, for example; doing less surfing, less browsing, more focused reading and creating. And that’s not only encouraging, but motivating, too.
  5. I’m paying more attention to my rhythms as I move through the day. And that is also freeing up time, because tasks take less time to finish when you’re already in the mindset and energy space for optimum capacity. For example, my writing may not be ‘better’, exactly, but it certainly flows easier in the late evening, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and I can move between the temporal and the spiritual more freely.
  6. And, perhaps above all else, I’m noticing more when joy shows up, rather than only knowing of its visit after it’s gone. I’m starting to record those instances, and also adjusting my day to take account of my joy map, so I can actively place myself in situations I know will make me smile, or feel peace, or raise my energy levels. And that’s quite addictive!

So, for the last time this month, I ask myself:

Am I feeling better? Yes. Focusing on the positive means that there’s less room for the negative chatter – my ‘winter mindset’ – that I came into this challenge determined to expunge. Sure, it still comes up, but less often, and is more easily swept out.
Do I have more energy? Yes. And I’m not even thinking about it. Sometimes my day begins not by asking ‘What shall I do today?’ but ‘What do I have the energy for today?’ But I haven’t asked that for … well, I can’t remember the last time I woke up with that attitude this month. And that’s really an epiphany for me!
What’s the most brightening take-away from Week 4? The simple but profound realisation that just focusing on the positive can shift the negative. We don’t have to concentrate on the negative attitudes and habits to see them diminish; in fact, that will often have the opposite effect and build them up in the mind until they almost feel unconquerable! We just have to focus on the positive, and the negative will often just fade away, quietly and faintly.


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